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Welding Consumables

Welding Consumables

Welding Electrode – An electrode is an electrical conductor used to make contact with a non-metallic part of a circuit. In metal arc welding the electrodes used are metal and carbon in a cut-piece (stick electrode) rod of definite length and diameter while Automatic and Semi-automatic welding electrodes use bare wire in coils. The manual arc welding (MMAW) or SMAW (Stick metal arc welding) process uses consumable flux-coated electrodes to produce heat by arcing as well as to supply filler material to the weld Metal and carbon electrodes are mainly used in manual welding in steel, alloy steel, structural steels, heat-resistant steel, surfacing (build-up metal), cast-iron, mild steel, and other metal alloys. We also deal into MIG welding wires of different materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, silicon bronze, and other alloys.

Welding Spools and Nozzles – The nozzle directs the shielding gas to the weld. Like contact tips, nozzles are either threaded or nonthreaded and come in many different shapes and sizes for various applications. For spray arc transfer or pulsed spray of solid wire, the nozzle should extend past the contact tip, which helps deliver the shielding gas closer to the arc when longer electrode stick out is required. It also helps the contact tip run cooler. The size of the nozzle opening depends on the size of the weld puddle, the volume of shielding gas required, and the difficulty in reaching the area that needs welding. Nozzles typically are made from brass or copper. Copper nozzles are well-suited for use in heavy industrial applications because of their ability to withstand intense heat. Brass nozzles resist spatter better but tend to melt or burn when exposed to extreme heat.



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